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We will train your maintenance staff to improve equipment reliability, safety and reduce your costs

Interested in increasing your competitive edge?

Your staff will increase your plant effectiveness because they will be able to identify how to preserve or even increase your productive capacity, reduce downtime and anticipate hazardous conditions. We offer you solutions to a wide variety of maintenance management headaches. Just click the button below for a free catalog of classes and topics.

Your convenience is front and center when we conduct in-house classes. We can schedule the classes to be convenient to your business cycle and timing (including weekend, second and third shift classes). We travel all over the world to provide you with high quality, professional training and materials. Many classes have free follow-up videos available on the web site.

After a Springfield Resources' class, your maintenance leaders will share a common language and vision for maintenance. This will help create increased velocity of decision making, improve cohesion and reduce confusion in assignments and projects. To maximize usefulness, the training can incorporate your maintenance language and forms.

We know training budgets are tight . Inviting our instructor to your facility saves money over sending your people to off-site training. This is especially true when you consider their travel costs and time.

If you have 7 people or more to train your tuition fees are usually LOWER than sending your staff to an off-site public class. We offer a wide variety of maintenance management classes. Just click the button below for a free catalog.

Springfield Resources has 25 years of experience training tens of thousands of maintenance professionals in 21 countries on the ins and outs of how to effectively manage maintenance.

Satisfied clients from most of the Fortune 500 say their training investment with us has paid off many-fold, repaying the investment within months, producing savings and improving safety for years to come

Joel Levitt, President and the main trainer at Springfield Resources, has written standard-setting books on maintenance management, planning, shutdowns and other maintenance topics for factories, fleets and major industrial facilities. Why not hire the world’s leading expert in maintenance management to train your people? Of course during any class special issues can be discussed on a confidential basis with the instructor.

Let Springfield Resources be your one-stop site for maintenance management training. We supply workshops, books, software and self-study courses. Springfield also offers free articles, videos and audio programs.

If you maintain equipment, building or fleets click the link below for the complete Maintenance Management classes catalog.

Lean Management Class slashes waste given in Toronto, Canada
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  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  • Lean Maintenance
  • Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors and Leaders
  • Managing Maintenance Shutdowns
  • Shutdown Leadership
  • TPM
  • Maintenance Management 98% of the 17,000 maintenance professionals in the 525+ sessions rated the class very good to excellent!


  • PEMAC (Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada
  • National Forum Planning and Scheduling
  • IMC (International Maintenance Conference)
  • Business Week (webinar)
  • E-Maint (webinar)
  • AFE (Association for Facilities Engineering) Chapter 6

Recent customers

  • Newcrest Mining
  • Unilever
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Dubai Water
  • Neals Wood Group (Trinidad)
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • Rayonier Fiber
  • SOC (Hawthorne, NV)
  • ADCO (UAE)
  • Jordan Aviation (Amman, Jordan)
  • Young Life

Joel Levitt at Mercedes Benz Training Center