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INTRODUCING The Lean Maintenance Toolbox

Joel Levitt Learning tools and personal guidance from international maintenance consultant and author Joel Levitt,
bringing you the powerful advantage of Lean Maintenance projects.

Mission: Find the easiest waste to eliminate and eliminate it! 

Waste mucks up the shop and makes companies slow, fat and lazy. To survive, you must attack the waste where it lives – in the trenches. We provide you with a Lean Maintenance cookbook with recipes for finding and eliminating waste and the personal guidance to get you started.

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Sample of what companies got from The Lean Maintenance Toolbox:

Web Lean Toolbox.jpg
  • Reduce the number of compressors running just by plugging the little holes
  • Reduce chemical usage by 75% using commonly available stabilizers
  • Change the seal on hydraulic cylinders, increasing life by 3 times
  • Simple tool list and bill of material saves 3-5 hours of execution time
  • Company finds customer for its hazardous waste, saving $60,000 in disposal costs
  • Thermal imaging of buildings shows heat and A/C losses & easy repair solutions
  • Capacitor bank cuts power factor, utility bill in machine shop with inductive loads

Reduce waste and get other improvements in the maintenance shop:

  • A lean organization is a low cost producer. They can lower prices and stay profitable while their competitors drown in red ink.
  • A lean shop is flexible and fast-reacting to the marketplace.
  • In a lean organization people are sharp and insightful
  • A lean organization is a healthier one
  • Company finds customer for its hazardous waste, saving $60,000 in disposal costs
  • In a lean shop people are more motivated
Lean projects are inexpensive and pay for themselves many times over:
  • High rates of success
  • Tools and materials are easily available
  • Results within a few weeks
  • Short cycle for payback
  • Minimal investment
We offer a set of Lean tools – templates, forms, procedures, guided learning and personal consulting for organizations to get the benefits of Lean Maintenance right now!

Our Lean Toolbox is designed for maintenance managers, supervisors, plant engineers, maintenance and reliability engineers, improvement teams, Lean teams and 5S teams, providing recipes for successful waste reduction projects. Also available as an on-site workshop

Lean projects make a difference immediately,

often providing payback within the month.

With Springfield’s Toolbox, you will be ready to roll up your sleeves and get started. No more sitting around wondering what you can do to help your company survive.

Order the whole set of tools (at a substantial discount)
or just the tools you need.

Sample comments from clients:
  • Outstanding! Very easy to understand. Gets the point across nicely. – R. Scott, SCM Chemicals
  • Innovative ideas, good examples. D. Morrison, Seagate Technology
  • Wish I had this 10 years ago when I first became a supervisor. J. Hart, Dir of Prop Ops, Hilton Hotels
  • I would just like to take the opportunity to congratulate you on a very well run workshop. The content was applicable and understandable. I have already used some of your knowledge to "assist" our maintenance department. The highlight of the presentation for me was the way in which the course was delivered. You certainly know how to get the message across and make the attendees comfortable. Once again my congratulations and thanks. J. Russell, Peabody Energy Australia Coal
Lean Maintenance Springfield’s Lean Maintenance Toolbox is based on the ground-breaking new book Lean Maintenance by Joel Levitt and its in-house workshop. Order the Lean Maintenance Toolbox today and you get to purchase copies for your whole team at a special discount!

The Toolbox offering is available as is, or as an in-house workshop.
Contact our office for details.

All Springfield products have an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.
All products are made in the USA

Springfield’s Lean Toolbox includes these products:

  • 1 hour of scheduled telephone consultation time with Joel Levitt.
    For guidance on Lean Maintenance or any other maintenance topic; include your entire team.
  • Our top audio CDs:
    Lean Maintenance, Lean CMMS, Lean Work Orders, Lean Planning and Scheduling, Lean Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, Taming the Information Jungle
  • Narrated Power Point slideshows:
    Lean Maintenance, Lean CMMS, Lean Work Order, Lean Planning and Scheduling, Lean Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, Time Management for Maintenance Professionals
  • A complete packet of forms for use in Lean Maintenance projects
Order the Lean Maintenance Toolbox at or call 800-242-5656

Lean Maintenance Toolbox and Order Forms as Printable PDF
Lean Maintenance Tool Box

Order the Lean Maintenance Toolbox at or call 800-242-5656

Lean Maintenance Toolbox and Order Forms as Printable PDF