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MSMS I: 2-Day Basic Course in Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers (Part I)

Maintenance Leadership in Trinidad and Tobago
Maintenance Leadership in Trinidad and Tobago
This is our basic introductory course for building supervisory, management and team skills. Join thousands of successful alumni in saying "yes" to better job performance and leadership!

These carefully chosen topics will increase the effectiveness of your managers and supervisors:

  • Setting up work schedules that add to the productive day, reduce confusion and invigorate your work force.
  • Three basic rules of managing employees for top performance
  • Assessing and working with the strengths and weaknesses of your crew.
  • Effective techniques for supervising difficult people.
  • Identify hidden talents within your crew.
  • Know what to do when morale suffers.
  • Increase leadership productivity through tested time management strategies.
  • Successfully supervising friends and older employees.
  • Adapting preventive maintenance strategies to your environment
  • Choosing the right predictive tools for effective management
  • Proven methods for reducing overall maintenance costs via effective training and supervision
Program includes a 100+ page workbook to help each attendee take notes and develop their own action plan for moving forward.

Course Agenda - Day 1

Attributes of a great maintenance supervisor: Effectiveness as a supervisor requires a balance of good technical, management and people skills. Add vision and an understanding of the corporate context to help shape this balance for any situation.

Basic motivation: What motivates maintenance workers, and how do we use that understanding for good results? Case histories and discussion help participants understand motivation from real life examples. This discussion will be followed up in Day Three.

Leadership evaluation clinic: Each supervisor or manager brings something unique to their situation. We guide participants through a self-assessment process to understand their supervisory strengths, where they need development and where they have weaknesses that could be exploited by subordinates or peers. Results are incorporated into each participant's action plan.

Maintenance planning and scheduling: This course features an overview of basic maintenance planning and scheduling. Results? A better partnership with maintenance planners in the organization or the ability to undertake basic planning functions for supervisors on their own.

Coping with difficult people: Successful interactions with difficult people and situations are a key task for supervisors. Participants are coached through a process to maximize the probability that the outcome will be positive.

Course Agenda - Day 2

The complete PM (Preventive Maintenance) cycle: A complete PM cycle is a highly efficient tool for organizing all maintenance activities. Procedures and checklist are included to install new PM system or revise existing one.

Short course in computerization (CMMS): Many organizations have wrestled with computerized maintenance systems; few are satisfied with the results. This section outlines how a good CMMS works and provides tips and tricks for getting greater returns from existing systems.

Condition-based maintenance: This section discusses various equipment inspection modes (vibration, infrared, ultrasonic, etc.) and provides guidelines for their appropriate use.

Personnel problems of the maintenance supervisor: Issues covered include disciplinary problems, supervising older and younger employees, supervising friends, drug and alcohol abuse, and topics brought up by participants.

Supervisor productivity enhancement: Introduction to tested time management techniques, including 10 key time savers tailored to the maintenance manager's particular needs.

The course ends with participants creating and committing to a personalized action plan for use when they return to work.

This course continues with MSMS II Advanced Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors and Managers (2 or 3 day version). The two courses may be offered together in one week or continued up to several months apart, allowing time for attendees to put their new basic skills into practice.

Alternatively, either course could be offered on a stand-alone basis, depending on the organization's needs.

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