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Advanced Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers

Joel Levitt leading an Advanced Management Skills Class in Kuala Lumpur This course is designed for those who have already taken our Management Skills for Maintenance Leadership 2- or 3-Day Basic Course in Management Skills. This course continues and builds on skills and techniques of the basic course and deepens the skills and understandings for managerial leadership.

Our promise for this program is that your supervisors will be more effective, motivated and loyal. Typical outcomes: improved staff motivation, lower employee turnover, increased output and reduced waste of resources. Our workshops typically provide management and people skills which foster maximum productivity and high quality provision of services while improving morale throughout the workforce. Your staff will gain a new and deeper understanding of how to effectively manage maintenance. They will leave with specific action items which can revitalize and improve the operational efficiency of your maintenance effort.
This course is jam-packed with ideas, strategies and implementation techniques. Learn the basics of Root Cause Analysis, Reliability-Centered Maintenance, and other vital techniques for running a world-class maintenance department. Practice coaching and motivating your employees to build a motivated and effective team. Adopt our advanced time management techniques including setting good priorities and adopting the daily habits of highly successful supervisors Run meetings like the pros. Manage shutdowns, both planned and unexpected, minimizing disruption to the organization. We offer case studies from organizations around the world, told in clear, straight-forward language, and exercises so you can apply what you learn to your own situation.

Some of what you will learn:
  • Reduce overall maintenance costs via effective training and supervision
  • Get the most from your people through sensitive, effective use of your training budget
  • Apply the Deming approach to improve quality in your maintenance operations
  • Adopt Lean Maintenance techniques in your organization, reducing waste, saving money, and improving morale
  • Use preventative maintenance strategies to better control breakdowns
  • Optimize your particular strengths and minimize your weaknesses – and that of your workgroup
  • View yourself as "coach" to help employees improve performance
  • Easy-to-use techniques for improving your "Maintenance IQ" and your value to your organization
  • Improving one-on-one communications with employees, peers, and superiors
  • Putting it all together – developing action plans for success in your own organization

Course Agenda: We offer this training in a variety of ways which you can tailor to your own needs:

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