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About Us

Why Springfield Resources' Joel Levitt?

Joel Levitt, on-site helping identify critical CMMS capabilities at a deep rock mine.
Joel Levitt in South Africa helping identify critical
CMMS capabilities at a gold mine (8700' deep).
There are many fine trainers and consultants from around the world, so let’s be blunt: why pick Joel Levitt? The main reason is results. Joel has produced excellent results, for a wide range of clients, for over 25 years.

He has trained people from virtually every one of the Fortune 500, and from most of the Fortune Global 500. Many have come back and requested consulting or customized maintenance management training for their in-house staff. Over 15,000 maintenance professionals worldwide have enjoyed the intensive nature of our maintenance training, given in over 500 public workshops in more than 20 countries. 98% of attendees rate the program very good to excellent!

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