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Mr. Levitt addressing the National Forum in Melbourne Australia
Mr. Levitt addressing
the National Forum
in Melbourne Australia
Expert Witness and Advisor

Joel Levitt is one of the leading consultants, speakers and authors in the field of Maintenance Management.

He can provide support for your legal team:
  • As an expert witness
  • To review the merits of individual cases
  • To provide background about the adequacy of a maintenance management system
  • To provide an expert’s opinion about the adequacy of procedures for ongoing maintenance, repair and overhaul activities of factories, energy and utility companies, mines, fleets and large buildings and facilities.
Some options:
  • Review maintenance records after an incident to determine if appropriate systems and procedures were followed or render an opinion if the procedures were adequate in the first place.
  • Investigate CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) use and implementation. Frequently the only record of any maintenance done is stored in the CMMS. It is essential to know the reliability, soundness, completeness and accuracy of that data.
  • Investigate PM (Preventive Maintenance) activities to see if procedures were followed and if they were adequate or up to industry standards. The first place to look for evidence is usually in the PM system. Is the data real or faked? If it is real, is it adequate for the intended use?
  • The second place to look for evidence is within the work orders from assets involved in the incident (and others nearby). Review work orders and work order procedures and systems. All data in the CMMS comes from work orders, but is the data real and accurate?
  • If RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) or PMO (Preventive Maintenance Optimization) has been performed, Levitt can help evaluate if the process was followed adequately and if the organization reacted appropriately to the findings.
  • Review facts about both scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns and outages.
  • Determine if the negative effects of cost-cutting contributed to the incident.

Levitt has consulted with and trained more than 15,000 maintenance professionals since 1987. He has conducted over 500 training sessions in more than 20 countries, attended by members of most of the global Fortune 500 maintenance departments. Some of the firms that Mr. Levitt has provided consulting and training services to include: Abbott Labs, GE, US Navy, PacifiCorp, BP, Pepsi, Saturn (GM), Alcoa, Valero, SABIC (Saudi Arabia), Holcim Cement (Switzerland), Iron Ore of Canada, Jefferson University, Volvo, US NSA, USX, Philadelphia International Airport, International Airport of St. Maartin, US Army Corps of Engineers, Usibelli Coal (Alaska), Clark Elkhorn Coal, Cooper Industries, NJ Transit, Cisco Systems, Merck, Sony, CSX Railroad, Harley Davidson Motorcycle, Washington D.C. Metro Area Transit, and many more.

Examples of some recent speaking engagements:

Pix 265.jpg
  • Instructor of 5 of the 7 classes at the University Of Alabama Certificate Of Maintenance Management (since 1989)
  • Nov. 2010 - speech on Lean Maintenance; led panel on World Class Maintenance for the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (second invitation)
  • 2010 - Webinar led on Lean Maintenance for the Association for Facilities Engineering
  • 2009 – Speech on Lean Maintenance at ACEIM, Bogota, Columbia
  • 2009 – Keynote speech and training session, MARTS, Chicago
  • 2009 – Speech and training session on Lean Maintenance at Saudi Engineering Council, Damman, Saudi Arabia
  • Dec. 2008 International Maintenance Conference - speech given for their Masters Series; also provided a training class in Lean Maintenance
  • Aug. 2008 Spoke to SIRF Round Table in Australia on Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (see photo)
  • June 2008 Port of Spain, Trinidad - spoke on Basic Maintenance Management in a seminar sponsored by the United Nations training arm in the Caribbean, Trainmar

Mr. Levitt has written 9 books on maintenance management topics including:

Handbook of Maintenance Management A complete survey of the field for supervisors, managers and planners, used in factories, refineries, mines, schools and other facilities around the world. Covers every aspect of the maintenance organization, including budgeting, metrics for performance, preventive and predictive methods, computer management systems, strategies for budgeting and navigating corporate organizational requirements.
Lean Maintenance This book is designed to help organization to save money, energy, and labor by slashing waste without compromising safety, compliance or the environment.
TPM Reloaded This challenging, innovative and timely new look at Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) demonstrates that effective TPM - TPM reloaded - requires a radical difference in management's view of the worker and (even tougher) a radical shift in the way workers view themselves. Yet the results speak for themselves: more power and responsibility for the workers, a tighter alignment of management and workers' interests, and a better bottom line for those organizations who adopt this new model.
Basics of Fleet Maintenance Maintaining a fleet of mobile vehicles and equipment creates a unique set of problems. This handbook covers all the important issues for managing fleet maintenance in today's environment, including predicting and planning for breakdowns; inventory, staffing, warranties and shop design issues; work orders, inspections, insurance; parts, fuel and tire management, and other hot topics.
Managing Factory Maintenance Second Edition Factory maintenance is a specialty even within the maintenance world. When organizations get rid of a critical mass of skilled master maintenance people, bad things often happen because of ignorance. Some departments will lose 65% or more of their skilled people through early retirement (not to mention the additional losses from downsizing) in the next few years. Companies need to prepare now or suffer the consequences.
Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages The shutdown is the most complex, time-compressed event in a company’s life, with thousands of details to manage. The relationship between the owner, the contractor and the sub-contractors is like that of a huge construction project compressed into a few weeks.
The Complete Guide to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance PM and PdM are essential techniques for the modern factory, facility or mine. Yet they are the first projects to be delayed or deferred when times get tough. The problem is that the consequences of deferred maintenance might not show up for a year or more. Yet those consequences can wildly outstrip any small cost-savings that brought them on.
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination Planning and scheduling insures that the trades person gets the right tools, parts, permits, drawings, protective gear at the right time. If anything is missing, the worker has to improvise. Improvisation might be great in the theater but it can be deadly in maintenance.
The Internet has changed the face of MRO procurement. There are pitfalls that can cause incidents such as buying substandard parts to save money.

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