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Lean Maintenance Two Day Course Agenda

Day 1 Lean maintenance and where it fits in, problem solving

  • History of Lean Maintenance

  • Techniques for continuous improvement including inputs to maintenance.

    • Looking at the inputs to maintenance for areas to make more efficient
    • Looking at the outputs to optimize the use of the resource

  • How Lean Maintenance is related to Lean Manufacturing?

    • Lean maintenance provides a Lean service to operations
    • Many of the tools can be brought over (types of observation, 8 losses, etc.)

  • How to see waste in your operation

  • The role of Lean Maintenance

    • Be Lean to survive global competition
    • Be Lean to be a preferred employer
    • Have faster reaction times to shifts in the marketplace

Specific Lean Strategies
  • Lean TPM

    • What is it?
    • How can we take advantage of it?
    • Design Lean tasks

  • Lean Work Orders

    • Better machine histories
    • Training for mechanics, operations and planners
    • Examples of Lean and Fat work orders
    • Specific techniques to reduce fat from your use of work orders

  • How to use your CMMS in a Lean way

    • Take advantage of your data
    • Where to get data to support cost saving plans.
    • Exercise in developing a Lean CMMS protocol

  • Recreating your PM system to be Lean

    • Where is the waste in PM
    • Exercise in PM and Lean maintenance

  • Using technology for PdM inspection and for Lean Maintenance

  • How to plan and schedule maintenance jobs for Lean execution

    • Exercise in Lean Planning

  • Attack fat in the maintenance warehouse

    • Techniques to cut costs of acquisition
    • Techniques to cut costs of ownership
    • Exercise in Lean Inventory approaches

  • Is safety Lean?

  • The goal: a Lean worker

Day 2 Finding waste and the development of the Lean Project

  • Brainstorming sessions specifically designed to uncover waste.

  • Where to focus initial attention

  • Use this Priority system to insure actionable projects.

  • Where to look for the 'low hanging fruit'.

  • Massive Lean Maintenance Project development

    • Groups set priority for each idea based on proprietary measures.
    • Groups develop list of projects in priority order
    • Forms are offered to help groups refine and write-up one idea
    • Rigorous formats are employed to insure projects are thought through, and different aspects are reviewed.
    • How to conduct a cost analysis on a money saving project.
    • How to get these projects done in the real world.

  • Assign management mentor that will provide:

    • Money that was budgeted,
    • Run interference,
    • Get supplies, help, faith, access to asset and resources, whatever else is needed

  • Present a Lean Project

  • How to write success stories. Pass stories on to management