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In-House Training

Details about room layout and requirements for in-house sessions

Doug Arawak being congratulated by Joel Levitt at Barbados Conference Joel Levitt's public workshop sessions cover a variety of maintenance topics offered in several different formats, lengths and intensities. Many companies enjoy the convenience of sending maintenance and management professionals to these classes one or two at a time. However other organizations prefer a custom-designed format which can serve such purposes as:
  • Including your special situations in the problem-solving portions of our workshops.
  • The presentation can be adapted to your maintenance language and forms to be easily usable.
  • Combining training with consulting to audit your existing practices.
  • Saving time by keeping training at your own site.
  • Saving money by training a large number of people at the same time.
  • On-site trainings can save money over sending people outside for training.
  • Creating your own preferred mix of our maintenance modules.
    • 100% of the course will pertain to your industry and your maintenance situation.
    • Special issues can be discussed on a confidential basis with the instructor.
    • Training can be conveniently scheduled to fit into your business cycle.
    • Duplicating training sessions on-site at multiple facilities.
    • In-house sessions can be used as a team building experience.
    • People come out of the class with a shared a common language and vision for maintenance.
    • Program can be audio or video taped and edited so that new people can take advantage of it.
Organizations choose us because they want results. Our focused, intensive, practical approach allows attendees to return to their work with a new dedication and immediately put into play what they've learned. Over 98% of the attendees have rated the course very good to excellent. One of the consistent comments people make is how remarkably useful our sessions are. Contact us via email, phone or fax for more information about creating trainings that suit your particular needs.

Our existing topics can be presented in different lengths or formats:

Joel Levitt teaching maintenance training class in St. Maarten

Mini-Course, 4 hours: Any program can be highlighted in a 4 hour session. The mini-course is excellent as part of a longer meeting. Note: in a mini-course only the major points are covered.

Briefing, 1 day: Many of the important points on the topic are covered. The briefing length is good for organizations that want maintenance training for a large number of people and cannot afford the time for the longer program. All courses can be presented in one day sections separated by a week or more.

Seminar, 2 days: Two days allows the students to absorb main points in the material and come back on the second day with questions. The second day will additionally include related, follow-on material and exercises designed to deepen understanding.

Longer format seminar, 3, 4, 5 or 6 days: This the most intensive type of maintenance training available from Springfield Resources.

Or we will design a course for you…

Customized programs are available for packaged prices: There are over 50 different two hour modules that make up these seminars. We can work with you to pick and choose the most important material to meet your training objective. Many of the modules are completely stand-alone and can be assembled in the order that best serves your needs. Audio tapes can be made of these customized sessions to be used as refreshers or for team members who could not attend. Check out these standard courses as building blocks.

Entirely new modules and new courses in the maintenance and supervision area may be developed at your request. New modules can be integrated with existing material or used on a stand-alone basis.

We can also present specific, urgent maintenance topics to non-traditional attendees within your organization such as top management, purchasing/stores management, operations management, and accounting or data processing personnel.

Three in-house training options

Springfield Resources offers three ways to structure in-house training for maintenance management. The most cost-effective way is to discuss your needs on the phone (or via e-mail) and then present one of our standard courses. These courses are tried and tested, and have been used to good effect in maintenance situations around the world.

The second option involves a one or two day site-visit before holding your in-house class, which allows us to add examples from your facility and adjust the verbal presentation to better suit your needs, meet some of the key players and see some of the special problems you face. We highly recommend this option for its greater ease of understanding and implementation within your staff.

The third option is to conduct a week long maintenance audit and survey which looks at all aspects of maintenance, evaluates areas where improvements are possible and then (in some additional days designs a new course for you) slants your curriculum to focus on the competencies needed to implement improvement areas identified during the survey. This option is more costly initially, but often results in the greatest cost savings since the course is completely suited to your situation.

Option 1 (Present any seminar - Description of service)
  1. Discuss the maintenance situation by E-mail or on the telephone and use the information to make the session more useful and relevant.
  2. Present contiguous in-house training to a maximum of 35 employees (and/or contractors). Customer will supply training facility, food, and refreshments for attendees and A/V equipment. Courses have a workshop text or a casebook plus a hardback book.
Option 2 (Present seminar adapted to site conditions - Description of service)
  1. Visit site right before session for one day and visually inspect major assets and review current flow of information. Review CMMS, meet with key players within and outside the maintenance organization.
  2. Present contiguous in-house training to a maximum of 35 employees (and/or contractors). Customer will supply training facility, food, and refreshments for attendees and A/V equipment. Courses have a workshop text or a casebook plus a hardback book.
Option 3 (Conduct maintenance survey, then design and deliver a customized training - Description of service)
  1. Visit site on a separate trip (usually a week) to visually inspect major assets. Review current flow of information from user, through maintenance controls to the individual mechanics, completing the circle with your end-users. Review CMMS in relation to needs. Look at information behind the mechanics and their Maintenance Technical Library. Use questionnaires to determine in detail where your maintenance effort is now. Conduct personal interviews with key players within and outside the maintenance organization. Determine what formal or informal planning is going on and how that can be capitalized upon.
  2. At the conclusion of the visit, prepare a verbal presentation with concrete suggestions based on where your organization is today and what needs to be improved. Specific training in Step 4 will follow each of these concrete suggestions.
  3. Prepare a customized casebook using material designed for you, supplemented by material from existing courses.
  4. Present contiguous in-house training (agreed choice of length) to a maximum of 35 employees and/or outside contractors. Customer will supply training facility, A/V equipment, food and refreshments for attendees. Courses will have a workshop text or a casebook plus possibly one or more hardback books supplied by consultant.
  5. We will work with you to pick and choose the most im¬portant material and length to meet your training objective. Most of our training modules are completely stand-alone and can be assembled in al¬most any order to serve your needs.
Please e-mail with any questions. We will be happy to send you the syllabus for any of the courses listed or to create an outline for a special course to serve your specific needs.

Sincerely yours,

Joel Levitt
President, Springfield Resources

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