TPM Reloaded

***Silver prize for Maintenance book of the year*** $4 shipping world-wide! How do you make more product, produce less waste and motivate your work force all at once? This challenging, innovative and timely new look at Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) demonstrates a new paradigm: move maintenance tasks to Operations, giving accountability for output of the entire plant to the operators themselves. The author demonstrates that effective TPM - TPM reloaded - requires a radical difference in management's view of the worker and (even tougher) a radical shift in the way workers view themselves. Yet the results speak for themselves: more power and responsibility for the workers, a tighter alignment of management and workers' interests, and a better bottom line for those organizations who adopt this new model. Real world examples, guidelines and strategies for implementation will help you navigate from vision to success. This book is referenced in our TPM workshop, but can be purchased independently.

Handbook of Maintenance Management

$4 shipping world-wide! This comprehensive manual offers a complete survey of the field, including a review of maintenance management techniques, a manual for cost reduction, a primer for the stock room, and a training regime for new supervisors, managers and planners, all in one. Used in factories, refineries, mines, schools and other facilities around the world, The Handbook is used to train maintenance professionals at colleges and training sites internationally. Improve every aspect of your maintenance organization with our standard-setting tips and techniques. Compare your organization to leaders in your industry; understand budgeting, metrics for performance, and how maintenance affects overall corporate performance. Use preventive and predictive methods to minimize equipment downtime and unneeded purchases; put planning and computer management systems to best use; exercise leadership in the maintenance department; concoct strategies for promoting projects with senior management. If you can buy only one book for your organization this year, this would be the one!
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The Complete Guide to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

$4 shipping world-wide! A culmination of 20 years of research, teaching, and consulting, this book shares the best practices, mistakes, victories, and key steps for success gleaned from organizations around the world. Unlike other books that only focus on engineering issues (task lists) or management issues (CMMS), this in-depth resource is the first to give true emphasis to the four key aspects of success in preventive maintenance systems - engineering, management, economic, and psychological - thereby creating a balanced view of what actually happens in organizations. From high productivity tools and techniques to specific program structures, including real world examples, implementation strategies and what to look for in staffing your own effort, this will guide you to another level of smooth-running organizational efficiency. This book is referenced in our Preventive and Predictive Maintenance workshop, but can be purchased independently.

Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination

Even the best production process will fall apart in the absence of good planning and scheduling of procedures. Well-planned, scheduled and effectively communicated jobs accomplish more work, more efficiently, and with less downtime, all of which translate into higher quality products delivered more reliably and at lower cost. In this book we detail the necessary tasks that go into good planning and scheduliing, plus techniques for scoping out the most complicated of jobs (including flow charts and easy-to-use worksheets). Possibly even more important are our key strategies for implementation and gaining support at all levels, from senior management to the ground floor operators. Drawing from real world experience, the authors detail the steps management can take to make better use of productive capacity and the changes in corporate culture that support these efforts. A vital training document for planners; an excellent educational document for management. This book is referenced in our Maintenance Planning and Scheduling workshop, but can be purchased independently.
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Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages

$4 shipping world-wide! Planning a shutdown? Lower your costs and your stress levels by reading and applying this unique reference! Originally designed as an intensive course and then honed over the years, Managing Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages organizes the many details of a maintenance shutdown into manageable form by introducing the steps needed for a successful shutdown or plant outage. Includes detailed steps for each phase - initiation, planning, execution, closeout, lessons learned - plus extensive master lists of all the tasks needed in each phase of shutdown, including checklists that can immediately be put to use. Loaded with examples from many industries and actual events, this book will be an extremely useful and practical guide for maintenance managers, project engineers, supervisors, maintenance engineers and planners working in any heavy maintenance environment. This book is referenced in our Managing Shutdowns workshop, but can be purchased independently.
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Basics of Fleet Maintenance

Maintaining a fleet of mobile vehicles and equipment creates a unique set of problems. Written in a clear, straight-forward style, this handbook covers all the important issues for managing fleet maintenance in today's environment, including predicting and planning for breakdowns; changing strategies as your costs rise; work standards, inventory, staffing and shop design issues; best use of warranties and vendors; work orders, inspections, insurance; parts, fuel and tire management, and other hot topics. In addition to providing cost-effective strategies and techniques, we add easy-to-use checklists, self assessments, real world case studies and a special list of action items that you can use immediately to re-direct your maintenance efforts for maximum results. If you could buy only one reference for helping maintain your fleet, this should be it! This book is referenced in our Fleet Maintenance workshop, but can be purchased independently.

Lean Maintenance

$4 shipping world-wide! Interested in finding projects that will pay off in days, save money and time, and reduce your organization's environmental footprint all at the same time? Lean Maintenance takes the reader on a journey from uncovering waste, re-designing to reduce waste, selling projects to management and delivering results - FAST! Every area in maintenance is covered, including your TPM effort, PM tasking, work orders, storerooms and computer systems. Written for anyone in a leadership position in maintenance, storeroom or production, this unique book will also be useful for vendors, contractors, and service providers. This book is referenced in our Lean Maintenance workshop, but can be purchased independently.
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10 Minutes a Week to Great Meetings

eetings are the best of times, and meetings are the worst of times. Why are meetings so important? For one, they are the lifeblood of institutional action. Without meetings and the communication and agreement they can engender, no (big) action can take place. With few exceptions, most people who run meetings have had no training, no study and no coaching to run meetings.


Managing Factory Maintenance Second Edition

Beginning with the 20 steps necessary to achieve world class maintenance, this book allows you to compare your organization to industry standards and bring it up to speed (and beyond!) Learn the latest techniques for preventive and predictive maintenance, planning and scheduling. Includes techniques for training crafts people and supervisors in the skills which bring out the best in them.
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