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Lean Toolbox

Interested in expanding capacity while saving money, time, and reducing your organization's environmental footprint all at the same time? The most cost-effective way to increase capacity is through better use of existing resources, otherwise known as going "lean."

Lean manufacturing and maintenance techniques are becoming world standards - not only to save money, not only to be able to brag to the public about their environmental conscience, but also because wherever organizations cut waste, employees become more effective as a team and more satisfied with their work.
Take advantage of all these benefits by introducing your organization to Lean!

Lean Toolbox is a remarkable self-study course full of techniques, tips and tricks to show you how to identify waste and implement lean projects in the area of maintenance.
The complete package includes audio CDs, forms, instructions, narrated PowerPoints and an hour with author and consultant Joel Levitt to get you started.

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Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management Course taped during a 2-day course. 6 audio cassettes plus 125 page work book (very loosely tied to verbal presentation). Complete class on tape. Original cost $199

Price: 59.00

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Meeting Defender Software for Windows (tm) only

Meeting Defender is software to time and cost meetings. By timing and costing your meetings. You can improve the effectiveness of your meetings by highlighting the meeting process itself (rather than the personalities or content of the meeting). You can also download a trial version before you buy it. Every paid software sale includes book: 10 Minutes a Week to Great Meetings

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Managing Factory Maintenance self study

5 audio cassettes, hardback book Managing Factory Maintenance Second Edition, Case book, audio Index. Studio recorded complete training on cassette. Original cost $229

Price: 89.00

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Advanced Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors

Advanced Management Skills for Maintenance Supervisors adapted from tapes of a 2-day class. 2 audio cassettes with photocopied work book. Original cost $149

Price: 39.00

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Maintenance Management for Small Rental Buildings

Maintenance Management for Small Rental Buildings taped during a 1-day talk. 2 audio cassettes and 100 page work book with forms and examples. Original $99

Price: 29.00

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Time Management for Maintenance Professionals

A person who feels mastery over his or her environment transforms 'bad' stress into true excitement, working on time management as a skill, which helps a person feel that mastery. The goal is not to feel in control because that is an illusion. The goal of time management is feeling that you can master anything that comes at you.

Fact: As a busy maintenance professional, very little of your time is really yours. Most of your day is programmed by your boss, subordinates or the business system you operate in. It is essential for you to manage what little time is left!

Maintenance leadership is under tremendous pressure to improve performance every year. This pressure puts heavy demands on any manager, supervisor or engineer's time. Successful leaders from all disciplines must successfully manage their time so they can thrive and produce beyond expectations. The problem is that without time management, their home life will end up suffering. The best managers balance their demands and enjoy a life outside the job.

Time Management for Maintenance Professionals - What you will learn:
This special audio CD and e-Book by maintenance expert Joel Levitt includes a one hour presentation, a comprehensive printable e-Book (PDF), and specific recommendations to begin your journey toward mastering time, improving your productivity. Includes a workbook in PDF format with exercises to get you started.

We include such topics as:

* How good are your current time management practices (answer this using our special test in the booklet)
* How to improve your personal efficiency and make better use of your time (20 ideas)
* How to separate the wheat from the chaff * Selecting the high return-on-investment activities
* Making your work space more productive
* Increase your output by doing two things at once (you won't believe how easy it is, once you catch on to this great trick!)
* Match activities with the best time of the day to do them.
* The Nature of Time and How You Spend It
* 7 Daily Habits of Success
* Scheduling Tips and Tricks
* Taming Time Killers
* Resources
* Audio CD
* e-Book
* One Hour Presentation
* Comprehensive Printable e-Book (PDF)